L'abbazia dei cento inganni by Marcello Simoni

The Abbey of a Hundred Deceptions

The latest instalment of the saga by the winner of the Bancarella Prize

Ferrara, winter 1349. In the woods near the city, a hunter of wolves stumbles over a disturbing procession led by a woman riding an animal of supernatural appearance. It is the ghost of the Marchioness Lippa Ariosti, according to some; a sign of the Apocalypse, according to others. The shrewdest observers, however, see the vision as part of a plot against Obizzo III d’Este, Marquis of Ferrara. One of these observers is the intrepid Maynard de Rocheblanche, who with the support of the Holy Inquisition begins an investigation in order to discover the truth. However, the enterprise proves more difficult than expected; many prelates are more interested in discovering the knight’s secrets than in solving the case. Maynard is the sole guardian of the greatest mystery in Christendom, the legendary relic attributed to Jesus, the Lapis exilii. And this time, deprived of the support of the abbot of Pomposa, he can only rely on his sister, the nun Eudeline, to defend himself and his friends and try to uncover the intrigue that involves him.

Marcello Simoni was born in Comacchio in 1975. A former archaeologist and librarian, with a degree in Italian literature, he has published several historical studies; with Il mercante di libri maledetti, his debut novel, he was at the top of the bestseller lists for more than a year, and won the 60th Bancarella Prize; the translation rights have been bought in eighteen countries. With Newton Compton he has published La biblioteca perduta dell’alchimista, Il labirinto ai confini del mondo, the second and third chapters of the trilogy about the famous merchant; L’isola dei monaci senza nome, with which he won the 2013 Lizza d’Oro Prize; and La cattedrale dei morti. In 2014 he published L’abbazia dei cento peccati, the first chapter of a new trilogy, which was followed by L’abbazia dei cento delitti.

I 444 scalini by Mario Mazzanti

(The 444 steps)

Mario Mazzanti is a master in preserving the mystery until the end

Investigations by Commissioner Sensi and Dr. Claps

From the Author of the Bestseller A perfect day to kill

Cerro de Santa Ana is one of the most fascinating places in Guayaquil, Ecuador. From the lighthouse at its summit, you can admire a breathtaking view of the city and the river that crosses it. But to get there we have to climb up to 444 steps, all numbered. It is at step 382 that Sheila Ross, a young American tourist traveling with a friend, disappears without leaving any trace. The only clue: an Italian with whom Sheila would speak in the morning. The elements available to inquirers are very small and fragile, but sufficient to convince Claps, a renowned profiler, to cross the ocean. Because there is something strange in that case, something that reminds him of his nightmare: Giacomo Riondino, a ruthless murderer who escaped his arrest in Italy two years before, leaving a lot of blood in his wake. Since then Claps is obsessed with the idea of capturing him. Once in Ecuador, he will find that Ross is not the only girl missing and that Riondino's presence in that country is more and more likely. Finding him will be like looking for a needle in a haystack. And Riondino is a needle with which you are likely to get killed...

Mario Mazzanti
was born in Tuscany; he grew up in Milan where he studied medicine and where he now works. He currently lives in the province of Bergamo with his wife, four children and three four-legged friends. He is passionate about cinema, literature, opera and chess. With Newton Compton released Un giorno perfetto per uccidere and Non uccidere, then collected together with a story in Tre casi scottanti, and I 444 scalini.

Il collezionista di quadri perduti by Fabio Delizzos

(The Collector  of Lost Paintings)

Cosimo de’ Medici’s art buyer is on the hunt for paintings which have been condemned as heretical by the inquisition. Diabolical crimes are being committed during the conclave in the eternal city.
Who is the elusive artist known only as l’Anonimo?

Rome, May, 1555. Raphael Dardo, secret agent and Cosimo de’ Medici’s art buyer, is on a mission to steal works of art the Inquisition has judged heretical before they are destroyed. For we are in the eternal city, which is eagerly waiting for the conclave to elect a new pope. While returning home after hunting for paintings, Raphael is forced to witness a gruesome scene: the lifeless body of a young woman being fished out of the Tiber – the girl’s beautiful face is well known in the city because she had posed for several famous painters. The Holy Office is convinced that a mysterious and elusive artist whose paintings are considered the work of the devil is behind the murder. No one knows his face, but everyone calls him L’Anonimo – The Anonymous One. Raphael Dardo’s search for the painter will take him to monasteries, brothels, taverns and underground labyrinths and bring him into contact with diabolical women, crazed artists, eccentric art collectors and Satanic heretics. But he will soon find himself embroiled in an affair which turns out to be much more dangerous than he had expected. Who is L’Anonimo? And why is everybody after him?

«A novel that slips down the dark backstreets of history.»
Marcello Simoni, author of the bestseller Il mercante di libri maledetti

«A talented verbal alchemist, Fabio Delizzos blends the narrative ingredients in a breathtaking historical thriller!»
Matteo Strukul, author of the bestseller I Medici. Una dinastia al potere

«Excellent writing and a pleasingly constructed tale.»
la Repubblica

As enthralling as Ken Follett
As mysterious as The Name of the Rose

Fabio Delizzos
was born in Turin in 1969, raised in Sardinia and lives in Rome. A philosophy graduate and advertising creative, for Newton Compton he has published – to great success and critical acclaim – the novels La setta degli alchimisti; La cattedrale dell’Anticristo; La stanza segreta del papa; La loggia nera dei veggenti; Il libro segreto del Graal and Il collezionista di quadri perduti, as well as contributing to the anthologies Giallo Natale, Delitti di Capodanno and Sette delitti sotto la neve. His books are always at the top of the bestseller lists and have been translated into various languages.

Non chiamarmi di lunedì by Daniela Volonté

Don’t Call Me on Monday

The best friends come along by chance...

Greta lives in Milan, Patrik in Rome. They meet when Greta, a consultant, is called in by Patrik’s firm, Betapharma, to help it reduce its workforce because of a financial crisis. Patrik, a young engineer with prospects of finding employment elsewhere, is among those destined to be laid off. When the possibility of losing his job becomes reality, the fragile relationship between him and his girlfriend, Ludovica, comes to an end.
Greta, in the meantime, continues to keep up a relationship which doesn’t seem to have any future: Cris, the man she has been seeing for a long time, has a parallel relationship with another girl and doesn’t seem willing to give her up. Just when Patrik is on the point of leaving Betapharma and moving to Milan, he happens to meet the woman with a stern but melancholy expression whom he has silently christened the Iron Lady – Greta...

Daniela Volonté was born in Como, has a degree in Economics and Business Studies and another degree in Communications Sciences, and has worked as a secretary. Her dream was to become a proofreader, in order to reconcile work and family life. She writes for fun, but does so full-time, for she dedicates every minute of the day to it. With Newton Compton she has published Buonanotte amore mio, an instant success which stayed at the top of the bestseller lists for weeks, and L’amore è uno sbaglio straordinario.

Erano due bravi ragazzi by Mattia Giuramento and Emiliano Scalia



With a father who is a doctor and an aristocratic mother, Fabrizio comes from the well-to-do part of Naples. Andrea comes from Miano, a neighbourhood in the outskirts of the city which is ruled by the Camorra. They meet by chance at a party, and it is the beginning and the end of everything. Because despite all their differences the two like each other, and when, thanks to Andrea, Fabrizio gets involved in a double murder, instead of running away he falls under the spell of the unknown. From there, it's a short step towards the underworld of crime: after blackmailing Totonno, the head of the Miano Camorra, Fabrizio and Andrea win his trust and start working for him. They are young, and they want it all. But something in the mechanism they have created jams, and police seizures of drugs, damning headlines in the newspapers and problematic corpses mean that their agreement with their boss breaks down. And vendetta of the cruelest kind is unleashed...

«A journey to hell with no way back. They Were Good Lads is not just another story of the underworld.»
Giancarlo De Cataldo


Mattia Giuramento, Pugliese by birth and by choice, lives with his wife and children in Bisceglie whenever he can, and works in Rome whenever he needs to. A journalist at Sky TG24, he is also a lifelong avid reader. Every man for himself.

Emiliano Scalia, Roman by birth, is linked to Naples by love: his wife is from the Chiaia district, but works with him in the editorial offices of Sky TG24. A journalist and photographer with four children, a lot of books and a busy life. He just might survive it.

Savages - Don Winslow
Gomorrah - Roberto Saviano
The Bastards of Pizzofalcone - Maurizio De Giovanni


La peggio gioventù by Francesco Crispino



Rome, 18 October 1972. In the streets of the Tor Marancia quarter of Rome it seems to be a day like any other. At Bar Maurizi, a group of neighbourhood friends are gathered – small-time thugs who control the local petty crime. Among them is Sergio, an ex-boxer who showed some promise in the '60s but who now spends all his time managing illicit gambling dens. Suddenly a FIAT 125 pulls up in front of the bar and Sergio, riddled with bullets, dies instantly. A brutal, savage execution which will dominate local headlines for months and, like a bolt from the blue, imprint itself upon the popular imagination. 
It's the new underworld clearing the way for itself in Rome - ruthless, violent, and with the face of young Danilo, carrying out his first hit and soon to pass from the gang of the 'Chameleons' to the gang of the 'Testaccini'. In a story spread out over ten years, the lives of the two rival criminals are intertwined with the no less dramatic lives of Chiara and Fabiana. Four characters, four examples of the 'worst of youth', whose lives tell the story of that confused, lost generation which, between the late sixties and the end of the seventies, experienced the great transformation of the metropolis first hand, the hard way.

«As thrilling as an action film, meticulous in its reconstructions and 'affectionate' in the description of its characters, Francesco Crispino's novel La Peggio Gioventù is a careful, shrewd rereading of the 'high' and 'low' history which was immortalised in the newspaper headlines of the Rome of the sixties and seventies.»
Enzo Lavagnini, Bookciak Magazine

«A debut novel of disarming beauty and harmony in its multisensoriality, made up of cursive sounds, narrative colours, breathtaking dialogue. The soundtrack of a time that is no more, and which was at the root of those 'crime novels' which are today made up of invisible ramifications. You'll tear through it in one sitting.»
Anna Pasetti, ilmiolibro.it

Francesco Crispino was born in Rome in 1967. Like his father Armando, he was involved in film from an early age, first as an actor and voice actor, then as a critic, filmmaker and audiovisual language teacher. He has made several short films and documentaries and has written two books and numerous essays on cinema. La Peggio Gioventù is his first novel.

I Medici by Matteo Strukul

Matteo Strukul
I Medici

The saga of the most powerful family in Renaissance Italy, in an impressive and enthralling trilogy. Through murders, plots and palace intrigue, we follow the rise of the Medici from their beginnings to their domination of the Florentine Signoria, in a series of plots and dramatic twists featuring unscrupulous military leaders, deadly female poisoners and ruthless Swiss mercenaries, but also talented artists and fascinating courtesans. The first novel centres on Cosimo de’ Medici, the patriarch, the man who lay the foundations for a family of bankers to become the centre of the world. The ‘Man in Power’ whose story is told in the second chapter of the saga is Lorenzo the Magnificent, a skilled politician, a great patron of the arts and a poet in his own right; we follow his troubled love affair with Lucrezia Donati and the conspiracies against him, culminating in the bloodbath of the Pazzi Conspiracy. Finally, the main character in the final book of the trilogy is Caterina de’ Medici, queen of France and wife of Henry II. In sixteenth-century Paris, with its wars of religion and its treasonous plots, she has to counter the growing influence of her rival, the king’s mistress, Diane of Poitiers, and find allies in a hostile foreign court. This is a great historical fresco which brings to life with fascinating vividness the genius of Brunelleschi and Leonardo da Vinci, the splendour of the fifteenth-century Italian courts, the devious and violent plots of the conspirators and the risks run by those who aim to increase an already colossal power. 

Matteo Strukul

born in Padua in 1973, has a degree in law and a Ph.D. in European law. His novels are in the process of publication in twenty countries, and options have been taken out on the film rights. He writes for the cultural section of ‘Venerdì di Repubblica’ and lives with his wife in Padua, Berlin and Transylvania. His website is www.matteostrukul.com

This is not America by Alan Friedman


This Is Not America is not just a book about the United States – it is also a real time photograph and a thorough analysis of the whys and wherefores of American society past and present viewed through the lens of politics, economy and the state against the backdrop of the 2016 presidential elections. A narrative essay that's 100% Friedman in its investigation into the causes of the malaise currently afflicting America: a divided, frightened and angry nation with vast sections of its population marginalised, alienated and even deprived of their fundamental rights. Yes, the United States is still the world's superpower, but for how much longer? The insidious forces of racism and poverty, not to mention the time bomb of a public debt of nearly twenty thousand billion dollars, threaten the country's famous social cohesion - add to that a Wall Street which has refused to clean up its act and a take on capitalism which has created the most severe inequality of incomes in the West and it's easy to see why millions more Americans now live in extreme poverty. And yet we're talking about a country which is rich in resources and entrepreneurialism and whose ability to innovate in fields like technology is second to none. So what happened to the American dream? What will change with a new tenant in the White House? And what are the prospects for America? What will its relations with Europe and with Italy be? A book with an international perspective and a wealth of unpublished interviews with the protagonists of US policy and economy as well as with the common people of the real America. In This Is Not America, Friedman guides the reader around his country, revealing it to us as we've never seen it before. A unique journey in search of the truth.


is a seasoned American economics and politics journalist, writer and TV presenter. Early in his career he was an employee of Jimmy Carter's presidential administration, after which he was for many years a correspondent for the Financial Times and the International Herald Tribune as well as a columnist for the Wall Street Journal. He has produced and presented television programs in Britain, the US and Italy, where he has worked for channels including Rai, Sky TG24 and La7. His journalism and scoops have won him numerous awards (including the British Press Award four times and the 2014 Pannunzio Prize), and his books include Tutto in Famiglia, La madre di Tutti gli Affari and Il Bivio. In February 2014 he published Let's Murder the Leopard, which achieved tremendous success, winning the Cesare Pavese Prize, and in October of 2015 he returned to bookshops with Berlusconi: The Epic Story of the Billionaire Who Took Over Italy, the rights for which have been www.alanfriedman.it




La collezionista di libri proibiti by Cinzia Giorgio

The collector of prohibited books

Venice, summer 1975. Olimpia Cattanei is about to celebrate her 15th birthday when she meets Anselmo Calvani, an antique dealer. It’s a fortuitous moment: Anselmo understands immediately how intelligent and sensitive Olimpia is and he gives her a rare purged edition of Decameron. From that moment the girl, a young but passionate reader, starts collectingbooks from the Catholic Church’s List of Prohibited Books and thanks to Anselmo and his nephew Davide, she soon becomes able to distinguish a rare edition from a false one. Anselmo gives Olimpia a copy of a collection of poetry by a famous Venetian courtesan for her 18th birthday and she reads it with Davide. Inspired by the erotic words of the poems they become lovers. However Olimpia’s life choices take her far from Venice.
Years later. Olimpia is living in Paris where she has opened one of the most important and chic auction houses in the city, specializing in ancient books and manuscripts. Every year Davide sends her unique letters which had been censored and should have been destroyed because of their obscene and offensive content. At the same time he also sends her a ‘prohibited’ book. Olimpia is well aware of the value of these documents and so begins to investigate their origin. How did a humble antique dealer from Venice come to be in possession of such things? And what was the connection between these letters and the shop they came from?

Non dirgli che ti manca by Alessandra Angelini



Isabella is in a mess: on the one hand, she has her successful father who can imagine no future for his daughter other than the one he has planned out to deal with, and on the other a boyfriend – the one everybody said was the perfect guy for her – who cheated on her and broke her heart. So Isabella decides it's time to find her own direction and moves from Rome to Bologna to study. But life is always full of surprises, and in Isabella's case the unexpected is called Denis, the tattooed drummer of Bad Attitude who gives her butterflies in her stomach and awakens a desire she has never felt before. Their encounter culminates in a night of fiery sex, and the two embark on a turbulent relationship made up of long separations and complicated by Isabella's insecurities and her father's prejudices.
Despite the differences in their backgrounds, what Denis and Isabella feel for one another is irrepressible - both strong and delicate, violent and sweet, at the same time. Something that goes beyond the rules and seems destined to last forever, like those riffs you can't get out of your head...

"When the story takes hold of you and the characters steal a little bit of your heart the only thing to do is lose yourselves in the words." 
Crazy for romance

“Don't Tell Him You Miss Him is a novel that left an uncontrollable vortex of emotions inside me."  
Leggere in silenzio

Alessandra Angelini was born in Faenza and graduated in Industrial Chemistry in Bologna, which she considers her adoptive city. A passionate music lover, she divides her free time between reading and writing of all kinds. Initially self-published, Don't Tell Him You Miss Him had been in the bestselling digital books chart for over five months when it was discovered by Newton Compton.

Oltre le regole - Jay Crownover
Love. Un nuovo destino - L.A. Casey


La verità sul caso Orlandi by Vito Bruschini

The Truth about the Orlandi Case

The 22nd of June, 1983 Emanuela Orlandi, citizen of the Vatican City, disappears in circumstances which will never be entirely clear
Initially, investigators are convinced it's simply teenagers being teenagers, and the hunt for the girl – the daughter of a clerk in the Prefecture of the Papal Household – doesn't begin until the next day. The theories, accusations and testimonies that pile up over the successive decades imply the involvement of the Italian State and the Vatican itself, as well as the Vatican Bank, the Banco Ambrosiano, the criminal gang the Banda della Magliana in the person of the so-called Dandy Renatino De Pedis, and the intelligence services of several countries.
After years of investigation, during which the TV missing persons program Chi L'ha Visto? played a crucial role in bringing to light new evidence and previously unknown witnesses, the investigation was finally closed in October 2015. The revelations contained in this film will allow the case - one of Italy's biggest mysteries, where organized crime and the Vatican are intertwined - to be reopened. 23 years after that accursed June afternoon, will we finally discover what really happened to Emanuela?

Vito Bruschini's true-crime novel was written with the assistance of Jean Vigo and RAI Cinema and is an integral part of the marketing strategy for the launch of the film

A professional journalist, Vito Bruschini is the director of the Globalpress Italy news agency for Italians around the world. He has written for theatre and television and for Newton Compton he has published, with great critical and commercial success, The Father, Vallanzasca, the unauthorized novel about public enemy number one, La Strage, a novel about the Piazza Fontana attack, Educazione Criminale which tackles the bloody history of the Marseilles clan, I Segreti del Club Bilderberg, I Cospiratori del Priorato and Il Monastero del Vangelo Proibito. He has also published Romanzo Mafioso as a serialised ebook. His books have been translated into several languages.

Romanzo Criminale - Giancarlo De Cataldo
Gomorrah - Roberto Saviano
Segreto Criminale - Raffaella Notariale and Sabrina Minardi

È solo una storia d'amore by Anna Premoli



Five years ago Aidan Tyler left New York a winner, heading for the welcoming sunshine of California. Fresh from winning a Pulitzer Prize for his first book, adored by the critics and with a significant number of copies sold, he was sure that he was finally a real writer. Too bad that right now things are quite different: that first has book turned out, so far, to be his only book and his agent and publisher are breathing down his neck because he signed a contract and received a huge advance for a novel that he just can't seem to write. Desperate and at a loss for ideas, he tries going back to his hometown, where it all started. And it's in New York that he meets Laurel, prolific author of novels. Romance novels - a genre that Aidan despises, because he thinks they are trash rather than literature. Anybody would be able to write a stupid love story nowadays. Wouldn't they?

Anna Premoli was born in 1980 in Croatia, and lives in Milan where she graduated from the Bocconi University. She has worked in J.P. Morgan, and since 2004 has worked for a private bank. She turned to writing by chance as a cure for stress during her first pregnancy. Love to Hate You was the publishing phenomenon of 2013, occupying first place in the bestseller lists for months with film rights optioned by Colorado Film, it won the Bancarella Prize and has been translated into several languages. For Newton Compton she has also published Come Inciampare nel Principe Azzurro, Finché amore non ci separi, Tutti i Difetti Che Amo di Te, Un Giorno Perfetto per Innamorarsi, L’amore Non è Mai Una Cosa Semplice and L’importanza di Chiamarti Amore.



La vigna di Angelica - Sveva Casati Modignani
Fermate gli sposi - Sophie Kinsella
Tutta colpa di New York - Cassandra Rocca

La distanza tra me e te by Lucrezia Scali


At the top of the Italian bestseller lists for weeks!

A boy, a girl, two dogs and a few messages on Facebook
Just a way to pass the time - or a love affair?

Isabel lives in Rome - unsociable, fussy and used to planning every detail of her life, she hates surprises and doesn't like changing her plans at the last moment. Andreas lives in a small one-bedroom apartment in Turin, manages his father's workshop and loves company, taking risks and adventure. Two incompatible worlds, united by one thing: a passion for dogs. And it's when they take their pooches to a dog show that Isabel and Andreas meet.
Just for fun, they start messaging each other on Facebook. Straightforward little messages at first, which over time start to twinkle with irony and mischief. From there it's only a short step to falling in love, and everything would be perfect were it not for the fact that Isabel is married and Andreas is engaged. The tender, romantic story of an awkward love affair which knows how to use irony as a blunt weapon. Because the happy ending, if it comes at all, will come at a price for everyone.

“A novel born on the web which climbed to the top of the bestsellers list.”
La Lettura Il Corriere della Sera

“A story about love of life and of animals.”

“Lucrezia Scali is brilliant at enchanting and keeping the reader in suspense right until the last page.” CRAZY FOR ROMANCE

“Lucrezia Scali's way of writing is straightforward, sensitive and moving. I fell in love with this book.” LIBRI DI CRISTALLO

Lucrezia Scali was born in Moncalieri in 1986 and a few years later moved to Turin. Her love for animals took her to the faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Grugliasco, where she still studies. Since 2012 she has been running a blog, Il Libro Che Pulsa. Initially self-published, her debut novel Te Lo Dico Sottovoce remained on the bestseller list for over three months before being published by Newton Compton with considerable success. It is due to be translated into German and English. Newton Compton has also published Come Ci Frega l’Amore as an ebook.

Buonanotte amore mio - Daniela Volonté
L’equazione di un amore - Simona Sparaco
Tutti i difetti che amo di te - Anna Premoli

Il settimo manoscritto by Fabrizio Santi



"Beneath Rome, the dangerous mystery of a cursed manuscript. A thriller that will take your breath away." la Repubblica

And yet there is no apparent reason for the theft, since there are seven copies of the manuscript in existence. One evening, Giulio Salviati, a successful mystery writer suffering from writer's block who lives in a small flat in Trastevere and is short of money, is visited by an unnerving character who covers his face with a hood to avoid being recognized. The hooded man asks Giulio to investigate the theft in exchange for a large sum of money: the compelling logic he displays in his thrillers - says the mysterious client - may take him where the police have failed to arrive. The investigation reveals the existence of a text, kept in the Angelica Library, which speaks of the stolen manuscript. Someone is reading it. Who? Step by step, Salviati's search will lead him from Rome's historic palazzos to the city's underground tunnels... What could possible be hidden in the manuscript that is so important and secret? And why is someone willing to kill to ensure it remains that way?

Months in the bestseller lists

Fabrizio Santi
was born and lives in Rome. He holds a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature and teaches English in a Roman high school. Il Quadro Maledetto, his first novel, was at the top of bestseller lists for weeks.

Inferno - Dan Brown
The Pillars of the Earth - Ken Follett
Il Mercante di Libri Maledetti - Marcello Simoni

Ti amo ma non posso


For anyone who's been courted, led up the garden path, and then dumped.

All the humour and drama of The Devil Wears Prada and Bridget Jones, a hilarious and moving romantic comedy

For four years, Sam has been working at the Chronicle, and for four years she has secretly been in love with Dave, her editor. Despite doing everything possible to make him notice her – like giving up her own private life to deal with his backlog of work – it seems hopeless: she is shy, insecure and a little on the plump side, while Dave loves luxury and cover-girl looks and prefers one-night-stands to real feelings. When she sees him on TV one evening accompanied by a beautiful woman, Sam realizes that life must go on and that she can't keep wasting time on a pipe dream. From that day on, there'll be no more room for him. But then Dave is forced to report on fashion week with Sam along to accompany him, and that's when the handsome journalist discovers a girl he'd never suspected existed: Sam is much more than just the Chronicle's proof-reader, bundled up in her fleece hoodie. They will be life-changing days for Sam too. Perhaps she has more than one reason to believe in herself. And perhaps there is someone who, long before Dave, is ready to notice it...

Her boss had never given her a second look – until today

What they're saying about her books:

"If you come to this novel hungry for her wit, her cutting, irreverent humour, the sighs, the laughter, the irritation - in short, the whole range of emotions guaranteed by the Bertod trademark - then you have found what you're looking for." Crazyforromance

Cecile Bertod
is thirty years old, works as an archaeological restorer and lives in Naples and between one restoration and the next, she loves to read. She started her writing career in fantasy before switching to romance. She has an aversion to nerds, going Dutch and hair tongs. Newton Compton has already published, with considerable success, Non Mi Piaci Ma Ti Amo and Tutto Ma Non il Mio Tailleur. To find out more about her, visit www.cecilebertod.com

Il condominio degli amori segreti by Livia Ottomani


A story of turbulent and passionate love. A colourful apartment building, overflowing with fun and unpredictability.
The landscapes and streets of an extraordinarily beautiful Rome.
Sometimes, love is a business for the whole building

The tenants are all standing outside their building in Rome's historical quarter of  Garbatella the morning that handsome Daniele Bracci - a musician who will be living there for a few months - arrives. Daniele is surprised by the incredibly warm welcome: Matteo Spina, the building's guru, recruits him right away to work in the condominium garden. Paulo and Rudy, who live in the attic, invite him to a welcome lunch. Giovanna instead is preoccupied with introducing him to her daughter Anita: she can already imagine the pair of them together. But Giovanna does not know that for the last two years Anita has been seeing Mizuki, a Japanese guy she met while working as a tour guide. The next morning, while Anita is going out, Matteo stops her to introduce the newcomer. It's a shock because Anita knows Daniele Bracci all too well, and has done since high school – he was her first love. And now? Should she pretend that she's never seen him before? But Anita isn't the only person in the building with something to hide. Every Monday, Giovanna goes out dressed up to the nines, and always has a good excuse for those who ask where she's going. And what about Matteo Spina? He's not telling it straight either - at least not to Pina, the building gossip who spies on all of them from behind her shutters and writes everything down everything in her secret diary...

The Elegance of the Hedgehog - Muriel Barbery
The Ingredients of Love - Nicolas Barreau 
Terapia di Coppia per Amanti - Diego De Silva

Livia Ottomani is the pseudonym of a collective of authors who met five years ago in a writing class and, no longer able to survive without each other's company, decided to write a novel that would bind them together forever. They are currently already working on their second.

Il monastero del Vangelo proibito by Vito Bruschini

The forbidden gospel monastery

The Qumran manuscript that will defeat the Caliphate

Jason Brenno is a member of a special UNESCO investigative team. During a journey in Cappadocia he discovers an old manuscript written on bronze, hidden among the ragged clothes of a corpse. The discovery is sensational: the manuscript, which once belonged to the Essenes, appears to be the last of the Gospels from the monastery of Qumran, near the Dead Sea. How did it come to be two thousand kilometres away from there? In the fragment which Jason translates from Aramaic, there is mention of ‘a chest that contains all the treasures of the Earth’, but the inscription breaks off just at the point when the text is about to state where the treasure is hidden. Nevertheless the manuscript is not safe from outside threats: it immediately attracted the attention of some terrorists from the notorious Caliphate searching for antiquities to sell in order to finance the Jihadist movement ISIS. Nor is that the only danger. A mysterious congregation, responsible for guarding the ancient prophecy hidden in the lines of the text, will stop at nothing to get hold of it...

Vito Bruschini, a professional journalist, is director of ‘Globalpress Italia’ for Italians abroad. He has written works for the theatre and for television. With Newton Compton he has published, to great critical and public acclaim, The Father: Il pa­drino dei padrini; Vallanzasca: Il romanzo non autorizzato del nemico pubblico numero uno; La strage: Il romanzo di piazza Fontana, Educazione criminale: La sanguinosa storia del clan dei Marsigliesi and I segreti del club Bilderberg, of which I cospiratori del Priorato is a sequel. He has also published the novel Romanzo mafioso in ebook format in instalments. His books have been translated abroad.

Ti ho incontrato quasi per caso by Patrisha Mar

I Met You Almost By Chance

A perfect couple. An unexpected meeting. A whirlwind of emotions.

Daniele and Sara are in Gubbio for Christmas Eve. The atmosphere is peaceful and they seem a perfect couple, indeed there is already talk of a wedding... At least until the moment when Daniele receives from his agent a script to read: he is wanted as an actor in a film. At first he is reluctant, not wanting to be separated from Sara, but the opportunity is too good to pass up, so, after much hesitation, he accepts the job. But he doesn’t have the courage to tell Sara. When she finds out, their relationship seems on the point of breaking down, but the crisis soon passes. But there is another hurricane on the way. His name is Matteo, a cousin of Daniele, whom he can’t stand, and he asks them to put him up while his house is being renovated. That’s when the real trouble begins...

Patrisha Mar was born in Ravenna, Her great passions have always been writing and reading.  She never leaves home without a book in her handbag. She loves watching movies, TV films and American romantic comedies. Newton Compton has previously published her La mia eccezione sei tu.

Gli effetti speciali dell'amore by Angela Iezzi

The Special Effects of Love

It will captivate you, as it has captivated us

Ashley Morgan is twenty-four, has a great passion for books and thinks her future is guaranteed: she will succeed her father as managing director of the family confectionery business. But her father decides to give the job to Jamie Standley, who has worked with him for years and become his right-hand man. Ashley feels cheated and breaks off all ties with her father. Three years later he dies, leaving a large fortune. At the reading of the will another surprise is in store for Ashley: Jamie will continue to be director of Morgan&Hall, while she will get some money and a small minority share in the business. But all this is on one condition: that the two beneficiaries work together and live under the same roof for a year... Once again Ashley feels betrayed and cheated. To her Jamie is an impostor and she is determined to make him pay. But forced cohabitation can sometimes have unpredictable consequences...

Angela Iezzi, born in 1987 in Lanciano, graduated in Social Organization and Relations at the University of Chieti. She works with her sister in the recreational centre which she owns. Always an avid reader, especially of romantic literature, she first started writing at university, between one exam and another. 

Uno strano caso per il commissario Calligaris by Alessandra Carnevali

A Strange Case for Inspector Calligaris

Adalgisa Calligaris has come a long way since leaving her home village.

She has had a string of successes as a leading investigator of organized crime, and has had to face threats and dangers. Now, however, she has opted for a more relaxing lifestyle and accepted a job in Rivorosso, her home village, which she hasn’t returned to for years. All the signs are that the job won’t involve more than catching a few burglars. And she, a tough, brusque woman with a keen intelligence, is certainly not daunted by that prospect. But a few days after her arrival, the quiet provincial village is shaken by the discovery of a dead body. It is found by Paolo Cortelli, a thirty-five-year old plumber, the two-timing husband of the local hairdresser. The body is that of Margot Cambiano, an American citizen who had been staying at ‘The Rose and Nettle’, a health centre in the Umbrian countryside, frequented by wealthy people from all over the world. The investigation gradually comes to involve the whole village: the plumber, his wife, his lover, the jeweller... Adalgisa is assisted by Carlo Preti, the coroner, an old flame from her schooldays...

Alessandra Carnevali was born in Orvieto and has a degree in foreign languages. In 1996 she took a diploma as an author of texts at Mogol’s CET. She participated as a writer in the 2002 Sanremo Festival, with the song All’infinito, performed by Andrea Febo. In 2007 she was the first officially recognized blogger at the Sanremo Festival. From 2005 to 2012 she wrote the blog Festival, specializing in Italian music and Sanremo, for the network Blogosfere. Since 2007 she has worked on web promotions for events and emerging performers. She writes novels, short stories and poetry.

Roma Caput Mundi. Il romanzo del nuovo impero

Roma caput mundi. The Novel of the New Empire

The Roman empire is changing. After Diocletian, who shared power with three other emperors, there is a fierce struggle for the succession. No one is prepared to give up dominion over the world. And Rome is affected by other tensions: on the one hand there are the bloody persecutions of the adherents of Christianity; on the other there is the ever more menacing presence of the barbarians.
Among the protagonists of this transformation is Constantine, the bastard son of one of the emperors. The pen of Andrea Frediani recreates his irresistible rise, epic in scale and immensely important in its effects, but also his troubled love affair with Minervina and his rivalry with Martinian, a man determined to defend the values of a society and tradition that are crumbling. This trilogy brings to life a troubled age, the age that marked the transition from ancient to medieval Rome, and from the traditional gods to the God of the Christians.

The Last Praetorian
The empire has been in chaos for decades, but Diocletian, having won yet another civil war, restores stability, creating a college of four emperors, the tetrarchs. But his plan is threatened after a few years by the attacks of those who feel excluded: chief among them Constantine, the bastard son of Constantius Chlorus, one of the sovereigns. With the support of the Christians, Constantine is successful, finally gaining absolute control in the West, defeating his rival Massentius in the great Battle of the Milvian Bridge.

The Last Caesar
The empire is now divided between two emperors: Constantine in the West and his brother-in-law Licinius in the East. The concord between them does not last long and the inevitable breach leads to another bloody civil war, which establishes Constantine as absolute master of the empire. But he is compelled to face family tragedies and conflicts which throw a sinister light on his figure. His death, marked by one of the most bloody massacres in the political history of Rome, leaves the empire once again divided and unstable. 

The Last Battle
Constantine’s sons soon start fighting among themselves, and their misgovernment causes continual revolts in the empire, until Constantius II, the eldest, emerges triumphant. In order to block the advance of the barbarians, he is forced to give the huge responsibility of defeating the invaders to his young cousin Julian. Julian, known to history as ‘the Apostate’, accepts the challenge and proves an able and intelligent general. He is a character from another age: he venerates the traditional gods in a society where Christianity has permeated all layers of society and, despite prevailing in the inevitable clash with his cousin, is destined to be overwhelmed by the irresistible flow of events.

Andrea Frediani was born in Rome in 1963. Scientific consultant to the magazine ‘Focus Wars’, he has written for numerous specialist journals. With Newton Compton he has published numerous historical novels, including Jerusalem; Un eroe per l’impero romano; the ‘Dictator’ trilogy (with which he won the first Selezione Bancarella Prize in 2011); Marathon; La dinastia; Il tiranno di Roma, 300 guerrieri and 300: Nascita di un impero. He has also written the saga of the ‘Invincibles’, a quadrilogy about Augustus, which began with the publication of Alla conquista del potere, continued with La battaglia della vendetta and Guerra sui mari and concluded with Sfida per l’impero. His works have been translated into six languages. His website is www.andreafrediani.it.

Codice Nostradamus by Martin Rua

The Nostradamus Code

From the author of Le nove chiavi dell’antiquario. The reason for his success is no mystery

In a France ravaged by terrorist attacks of supposedly Islamist inspiration, while the parties of the extreme right wing are growing more and more powerful, Inspector Ozouf of the Gendarmerie François finds himself investigating the murder of a female literary agent of Jewish origin whose body was found in a canal in Avignon. The theory that Islamic terrorists are behind the murder does not convince Ozouf. He has discovered that someone is trying to prevent the publication of the third volume of a successful trilogy, which denounces with alarming precision the intrigues of the increasingly powerful neo-Fascist party. The author is Luc Ravel, a mysterious author whom no one has ever seen. Ozouf investigates and discovers that Ravel is the holder of a dangerous secret: he is a descendant of Nostradamus, and possesses the same gift for clairvoyance. It is thanks to that gift that Ravel has succeeded in unmasking some of the secret machinations of the Neo-Fascist party. In order to thwart another planned attack on the French capital, Ravel decides to come out into the open and help the authorities.

Martin Rua was born in Naples, where he graduated in Political Sciences with a thesis on the history of religions. His research concentrated particularly on the freemasonry and alchemy. After journeys to Prague and Chartres he created Lorenzo Aragona, the protagonist of the novels of the Parthenope Trilogy (Le nove chiavi dell’antiquario, La cattedrale dei nove specchi, I nove custodi del sepolcro) and of the ebook La fratellanza del Graal, a blend of adventure and exoticism. With Newton Compton he has also published Napoli esoterica e misteriosa. This is the first volume of a new trilogy.

Una notte per non dimenticarti by Giulia Ross

A Night to Remember You

How far are you prepared to go for the sake of love?

Sylvia is at a conference in Germany when she meets a charming, mysterious man who bowls her over. They spend the evening together, followed by a night of passion which leaves an indelible mark on Sylvia. The next day he seems to have vanished into thin air. Sylvia searches for information about him but can’t find any. Eventually she meets him again in Vienna, learning, to her great surprise, that Raphael Yun is the husband of Marian Stoffer, a luminary of scientific research with whom Sylvia has started working. The attraction is strong and reciprocal, and for Sylvia Raphael represents a constant temptation. What she does not yet know is that Raphael and Marian have a very open relationship. And soon she becomes the lover of both of them. But her feelings for Raphael become increasingly strong. And there is no knowing where they will take her...

Giulia Ross was born in Milan in 1981. She graduated in biotechnologies and continued her studies with a doctorate in immunology. Alongside her love for science she has always cultivated her two great passions, music and writing. Newton Compton has previously published her Ho scelto te.

Stazione omicidi. Vittima Numero 1 by Massimo Lugli

Murder Station. Victim no. 1

Can the friendship between a gypsy and an upper-class boy from Rome create the most feared criminal gang in the capital?

The friendship that arises by chance between Vasile and Flavio seems an impossible one. The former is a young Romanian who was sold by his parents and is now a slave in a Khorakhanè Roma camp. The latter is a spoiled rich kid, the son of a businessman who lives in a villa outside Rome – the very villa that Vasile breaks into, intent on burglary. Yet their friendship is cemented over time, becoming a sort of dual apprenticeship in crime. They come into contact with the most infamous and dangerous circles in the capital: drug pushers, organizers of dog-fights, arms dealers and people traffickers. But when Flavio agrees to help his friend take revenge on his oppressors, the nomads’ fury is unleashed on them, and the terrible, bloody reprisal they take shatters the lives of both of them. Forced to flee and take refuge among homeless people, down-and-outs, the outcasts of the city, when they feel safe again everything has changed. Especially for Flavio, who certainly cannot return to the comfortable life he had enjoyed before. And what he decides to do is extremely dangerous...

Massimo Lugli, a journalist for ‘la Repubblica’, has been a crime reporter for 40 years. He has written Roma Maledetta and for Newton Compton La legge di Lupo solitario, L’Istinto del Lupo (shortlisted for the Strega Prize), Il Carezzevole, L’adepto, Il guardiano, Gioco perverso, Ossessione proibita, La strada dei delitti, Nelmondodimezzo: Il romanzo di Mafia capitale and, in the series ‘Live’, La lama del rasoio. He has also contributed short stories to the anthologies Estate in giallo, Giallo Natale, Delitti di Ferragosto, Delitti di Capodanno, Delitti in vacanza and Sette delitti sotto la neve. A karate black belt and a tai ki kung instructor, he has been since his childhood a practitioner of the martial arts he describes in his novels.

L'imputato by Eleonora Carta

The Accused

All the evidence suggests that it will be a bestseller

‘Please come at once. They mean to kill her. Come to the Cemetery of the Impiccati’. It is an ordinary working day when the lawyer Anna Ferrari receives this phone call from a stranger. Just a few words, in halting Italian, but Anna doesn’t feel she can ignore them. She hurries to the cemetery, but when she gets there it is too late: a woman’s bloodstained body is lying on the ground. Police inquiries start immediately and lead to the arrest of a young Moroccan boy who was in the vicinity of the crime scene and had traces of blood on him. At the police station Hamid refuses to talk and keeps asking for the lawyer Ferrari. Anna decides to trust the young man, who works at the local market, has no criminal record and protests his innocence. She begins her own investigation into the victim, a young Somali woman who was attending a reception centre. But Anna’s inquiries are irritating someone – someone who would prefer to wrap the case up by putting the blame for the murder on a fall guy.

Eleonora Carta was born in 1974. She always thought she would become a lawyer, but at the end of her university studies realized that the courtrooms were not for her and became a full-time writer. She lives in Turin and Sardinia. For Newton Compton she has previously published La consistenza dell’acqua.